Building networks for people
Utp Lancable
  • Comply with Cat6 specifications
  • 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
  • 23 AWG solid copper conductor for superior conductivity
Optic Fiber Cable
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor local area network system
  • Excellent water proof layer & good moisture resistance
  • Excellent crush resistance performance, light weight, compact structure
Keystones (Io)
  • RJ 45 8P8C jack
  • Lamination 4 pairs, 23-24 AWG cable
  • Fit in High-Density Keystone panel
  • PE insulation
  • PE central cross
  • Packaged in an easy to pull box for easier installation

Patch Cord
  • Conductor:24 AWG, Multi-strands
  • Insulation Material: HD-PE
  • Gigabit network
  • Performance of up to 250MHZ
  • RJ - 45 modular connectors with straight - through T568A or T568B wiring
Wall mounting Rack
  • Conforms to DIN 41494 OR equivalent ISO standards
  • Depth adjustable mounting slots
  • Tinted front glass door for equipment visibility
  • Side walls with metal engraved D-Link logo
  • Provision to mount the cooling fans on the top panel
  • Grounding and Bonding options
Patch Panel
  • Six-port RJ45 modules applied
  • ID stripes for identifying port allocations
  • Improved cable management with an optional cable management bar
Face Plate
  • Face plates are inbuilt with shutters
  • Compatible with standard colored keystone jacks
  • Faceplates are available in one, two and four ports variant
Crimping Tool